ATK 2.1.92 released
Posted on: 09/21/2011 08:07 AM

ATK 2.1.92 has been released

About ATK

GNOME provides support for accessibility devices using the ATK
framework. This framework defines a set of interfaces to which
graphical interface components adhere. This allows, for instance,
screen readers to read the text of an interface and interact with its
controls. ATK support is built into GTK+ and the rest of the GNOME
platform, so any application using GTK+ will have reasonable
accessibility support for free.

Nonetheless, you should be aware of accessibility issues when when
developing your applications. Although GTK+ interfaces provide
reasonable accessibility by default, you can often improve how well
your program behaves with accessibility tools by providing additional
information to ATK. If you develop custom widgets, you should ensure
that they expose their properties to ATK. You should also avoid using
sound, graphics, or color as the sole means of conveying information
to the user.

The GNOME desktop ships with a number of accessibility tools which
enable users with disabilities to take full advantage of their desktop
and applications. Applications that fully implement ATK will be able
to work with the accessibility tools. GNOME's accessibility tools
include a screen reader, a screen magnifier, an on-screen keyboard,
and Dasher, an predictive text entry tool.


* Updated Visual Studio files due AtkWindow addition
* Bug 649577: atk_add_global_event_listener should only accept ATK events
* Minor documentation updates
* Updated German, Basque, Japanese, Serbian, Catalan, Tamil, Punjabi,
* Asturian, Italian, Polish, British English, Brazilian Portuguese,
* Korean, Telugu and Kannada Translation


Joanmarie Diggs, Chun-wei Fan, Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias


Christian Kirbach [de], Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio [eu], Jiro Matsuzawa [ja],
Мирослав Николић [sr], Gil Forcada [ca], I Felix [ta], A S Alam [pa],
Xandru Armesto [ast], Luca Ferretti [it], Piotr DrÄ…g [pl], Bruce Cowan [en_GB]
Flamarion Jorge [pt_BR], krishnababu k [te], Shankar Prasad [kn] and
Changwoo Ryu [ko]

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