Asus T100TA Windows hybrid reviewed and more
Posted on: 01/14/2014 11:14 AM

Here a roundup of today's reviews and articles, including Asus T100TA Windows hybrid reviewed, OCZ Vertex 450, Zotax Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus, Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD Monitor Review, and Intel Core i5 4670 On Linux

Asus T100TA Windows hybrid reviewed @ Fudzilla
Just a few years ago the idea of an x86 tablet that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket seemed farfetched, as this particular segment was dominated by cheap and frugal ARM chips. A lot has changed over the past few months, thanks to new Intel Bay Trail and AMD Temash parts, but there are still relatively few devices based on these new chips on the market. This makes a direct comparison between similar devices practically impossible, as there just aren’t that many Bay Trail/Temash convertibles on the market.

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SteelSeries Siberia Elite Gaming Headset Review @ Benchmark Reviews
SteelSeries peripherals and headsets are well known for their sleek design, high quality and excellent functionality among enthusiasts and gamers alike. Today Benchmark Reviews will be taking a look at the newest line from SteelSeries; The Siberia Elite Gaming Headset (model# 51151). We will put them through their paces in a variety of scenarios including watching films, listening to music, and of course gaming.

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Cooler Master CM 690 III Case Review @ KitGuru
Today we are taking a look at the Cooler Master 690 III. Following in the footsteps of the CM 690 II the latest revision supports up to ten 2.5" drives, graphics cards up to 423 mm in length and CPU coolers up to 171 mm in height. Retailing around £90, is the CM 690 III worth investing in?

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OCZ Vertex 450 @ LanOC Reviews
The last time we took a look at a full SSD I was extremely impressed. That drive was the new Vector drive from OCZ, at the time a departure from what they had been doing. Around the same time as our review, OCZ introduced their new Vertex 450 drive that shares a lot with the Vector that I was especially impressed with. The 450 is designed to give you the same Barefoot Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller in the same aluminum shell but with 20nm MLC NAND rather than the 25nm MLC NAND that the Vector has. Let’s find out if the Vertex 450 is as impressive as the Vector.

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NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN104 Review @
Today we will be taking a look at our first ReadyNAS to find out what it offers against the competition. The model we will be looking at is a four bay device, the RN104... or more specifically the RN10421D, which comes with two 1TB drives already pre-installed.

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Cooler Master COSMOS SE Computer Case Review @ Madshrimps
The latest Cosmos SE case from Cooler Master offers plenty of options for water cooling, has removable and switchable HDD bays and resembles the look of the massive Cosmos II. We also get washable and easy to remove air filters and the case comes initially equipped with two 120mm fans with LEDs in front, one 120mm in the back, but also a 140mm fan on top.

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Zotax Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus @ Bjorn3D
While Zotac maybe is most knows for their graphics cards they also are specialized on small motherboards and small desktop systems. Today we are reviewing one of those tiny small desktop PC’s: the Zotax Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus. This is a very small PC that even comes with a VESA-mount so it can be attached to a TV ore monitor and be out of sight. It has a Quad-core AMD “Kabini” APU, the A4-5000 while a Radeon HD 8330 provides us with the graphics muscles. This is not a gaming machine, even though the GPU should benefit from the Mantle API, but promises to work well as either a media PC, a kitchen PC or even a bedroom PC. Does it have what it takes to compete with tables and other tiny PC’s? Continue to read to find out.

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Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD Monitor Review @ Techspot
Although still in its early days, consumer 4K UHD is here. While 720p and 1080p are destined to become anachronisms akin to 8-tracks and punch cards, our present day is the awkward transitional period between these old and newly evolving high definition standards.

No stranger to the business of high-end displays, long-time monitor manufacturer Dell has lunged into the UHD market with some solid offerings. The company has released two UltraSharp displays capable of ultra high-definition: a 24-inch at $1,299 and a 32-inch for $3,499. Dell has also been teasing us with a third 4K UHD-capable 28-inch model, but this in-betweener is worlds cheaper at $699. Too good to be true? Indeed. This aggressively priced display has the “same quality” panel as its more expensive cousins, but its refresh rate is limited to just 30Hz. Yuck.

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Phanteks Enthoo Primo Review @ OCC
The list of features of the Enthoo Primo is impressive. The PWM fan hub allows PWM control over your case fans from a single PWM fan header on your motherboard. The blue LEDs of the front fans and front and top LED light strips add a touch of elegance to the case, and can be turned on or off with the touch of a button. The included pump mounting base, reservoir mounts, and multiple radiator locations simplify your water cooling build. Phanteks put a lot of time into this case and it shows.

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Humble Indie Bundle X Review @ OCC
Playing Surgeon Simulator yourself could be decidedly frustrating when things stop behaving the way you want them to. Sometimes an organ will not cut when we want it to; we will get a bad grip on a tool, making it almost impossible to use the way we want to; or something will fall to the floor where it is lost forever. The only good news I can share with you about any of that is everyone who has played the game shares your pain and that restarting an operation is quick, easy, and painless (for you; not the patient).

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SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset Review @ APH Networks
One time at church, a high school girl came up to me enthusiastically and asked, "Have you seen the new One Direction movie?" -- which, to her disappointment, was a resounding "no". For some reason, many people are quite convinced I am a big fan of that kind of pop music, despite the fact I am completely out of their target demographic. Firstly, I am not in high school. Secondly, I am not a girl. But since we have brought up the topic of pop music that appeal to teenage girls, one question inspired by Hannah Montana comes to my mind: Can you really have the best of both worlds, like one of her songs suggest? (Actually, I am inspired by my colleague Aaron Lai's review on the Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 32GB last week; I have never heard of that song until I read his introduction.) Back in 2006, even before SteelSeries rebranded their entire lineup to SteelSeries, I have reviewed a plethora of gaming headsets from them. This included the SteelSound 3H, SteelSound 4H, SteelSound 5H, SteelSound 5H V2, Icemat Siberia In:Ear, and Icemat Siberia. Some of them were okay for music, while others were awesome for gaming, but none of them were really good for everything. The scene has not changed much in the last few years, as we have covered a number of headphones from Tt eSPORTS and CM Storm. But today, SteelSeries brings to the table a completely new product that aims to crush everything that preceded it. The H Wireless is a Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Headphone certified headset that promises to deliver unrivaled gaming and music performance... without wires. Is it really as good as it sounds? We here at APH Networks set out to find the answers.

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Synology DiskStation DS214play NAS Review @ TestFreaks
Streaming media from a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is not a new concept. This feature has been found in Synology network attached servers for many years. However, those NAS servers can only stream to 720p at best.

With theDiskStation DS214play, Synology has designed a two bay NAS that has the ability to transcode full 1080p video on the fly. Synology’s goal is to position this NAS to function as a media center for the home. The “play” is a new class is the Synology lines starting with the 214 edition.

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Plextor M6e PCI Express 512GB SSD Review @ KitGuru
Solid State Technology has been dropping in price steadily for the last year and today we look at the latest product from Plextor the M6e, a PCI express solid state design. This product is designed for the enthusiast audience who demand the fastest speeds possible. The M6E incorporates the latest generation Marvell 88SS9183 flash controller with multiple cores for ultimate performance when dealing with intense tasks. Unlike similar solutions which we have reviewed in the past, the M6e is automatically recognised as an AHCI device, requiring no additional drivers. Is this the high performance solution you should be shortlisting this year?

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ROG TYTAN G30 - Gaming Performance @ OCAholic
ASUS provided us with one of their ROG TYTAN G30 Gaming PCs. Since these desktops target gamers, we're going to have a closer look at gaming performance running a set of different game benchmarks. By the end we will be able to tell you how suitable these PCs are for gaming. Since there are three different versions of ROG TYTAN G30 desktops available in Switzerland, we're going to benchmark all three versions on the following pages.

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Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Case Review @ Legit Reviews
Cooler Master is no stranger to breaking new ground in the wide world of computer peripherals having been in the business since 1992. Their portfolio includes many OEM products, as well as consumer grade products. Breaking the consumer products down, they manufacture products for budget minded users to the high end enthusiasts. By looking at the market, they take risks by developing new products based on market trends. The HAF, or High Air Flow case design has been around since 2008, in 2013 they introduced a new model, the Stacker. The Stacker is a stackable mod-tower that takes their experience with the HAF line and expands it to an easily expandable case.

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Super Flower Leadex Gold 1300 W @ techPowerUp
Super Flower raised the bar even higher than before with their new Platinum and Gold Leadex PSUs. We will take a look at their strongest PSU offering, the Leadex Gold 1300 W. This unit features a fully modular cabling design with LED lit connectors, a single +12V rail, and a selectable semi-passive operation for completely silent operation at low loads.

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ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC Overclocking Review @ HardOCP
We will take the ASUS R9 290X DC2 OC custom AMD R9 290X based video card and for the first time see how well the 290X can overclock. We will also for the first time compare it to an overclocked GeForce GTX 780 Ti video card head-to-head and see who wins when overclocking is accounted for.

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Creative T4 Wireless @ Techradar
It's been over five years since we reviewed the excellent Creative T3 2.1 speakers.I still have them in my kitchen at home and use them as a dedicated sound system for my private, home alone dancing-while-cooking sessions.If you forget the perplexingly dismal Creative ZiiSound T6 system that Creative burped out a few years after the T3s and skip straight to today's menu, the new T4 Wireless 2.1 system is Creative's follow-up and it's excellent.Packing two satellite speakers, Creative 'Slam' subwoofer, Bluetooth 3.0. aptX support and NFC for pairing, it's essentially the T3 system reborn for the smartphone generation, and we really like them a lot.

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Intel Core i5 4670 On Linux @ Phoronix
The Core i5 4670 is a mid-range Intel "Haswell" processor that's quad-core, clocked at 3.4GHz, and can top out at 3.8GHz all for a price of just over $200 USD. If you happen to be after a mid-range CPU with decent Linux open-source graphics support, check out our new comparative benchmarks of the Intel Core i5 4670 on Ubuntu Linux.

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