ASPLinux 12 Carbon
Posted on: 12/03/2007 08:09 AM

ASPLinux 12, a Russian Linux distribution with 3D support for nVidia/ATI video cards, has been released

Translated from the press release:
ASPLinux 12 has a stylish graphics desktop with support for three-dimensional interface (Compiz and Beryl), which not only allows more efficient use of work space, but also expands the possibilities of establishing individual preferences and settings for each user's system, if the computer is used by several employees. Increased productivity graphical interface reduced the time to download it and provide a more rapid response to user actions in many applications. Composition distribution packages organized on the principle of "labor" and Installed that allows full use computers to begin immediately after the installation of the system without having to download from the Internet additional packages Russification, the means of audio and video decoding, proprietary video drivers and other components necessary for a full-fledged work.

Innovation in ASPLinux 12 Carbon steel users an opportunity to switch without breaking the system, as well as the first time in ASPLinux distro company was incorporated assembly 2.3 design company "Infra-Resurs", which improved compatibility with documents 1 C, Visual Basic macros.

The successful cooperation ASPLinux engineers with the leading manufacturers of computer components to ensure stability and efficiency of distribution has been significantly expanded list of supported equipment. In the installation program additions have been made to ASPLinux 12 define and configure correctly latest devices: IDE / SATA RAID, improved support for modern system of logic sets, including the Intel 965, 975 and P35, as well as proprietary drivers Nvidia and ATI video and high-speed ports IEEE- 1394 (Firewire). Packages and modules to support new computer components will be included in the released updates to support the relevance of distribution for the duration of life.

Many new opportunities ASPLinux 12 enhances performance utilities system update yum, pirut, yumex, pup.
Thanks X- server Xorg 1.3 an opportunity to connect new devices and image switch screen resolution "on the move";
In Firefox 2 numerous new features, including a built SpellCheck, protection from phishing, and the restoration of sessions;
In ASPLinux 12 added support for new codecs: Windows Media 9, AMR. Is installation WIN32 codecs.

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