Ark Linux H20: Simple and (Nearly) Complete
Posted on: 03/25/2003 02:07 PM

OSNews has posted a review on Ark Linux

ArkLinux 1.0-0.alpha6.0 features a new installer akin to Lindows in that it's only a few clicks to a working system. These "four click installs" are dead easy - just about anyone could understand them. The only catch is that there are no real expert options. For those of us who know what we're doing, even a little bit, we're still forced to choose from the few options presented. There was an option to resize a partition, but having already blocked off an area of my hard drive, I was able to choose an option to use all free space. Installation is quick and simple and GRUB detected my XP installation without a problem. The complaint I have is that it labelled my NTFS drives "Windows NT/2000/XP" and placed then in the GRUB boot menu. There doesn't appear to be an obvious way to edit the GRUB boot menu, so I had to manually su up to root and edit /etc/grub/grub.conf. I am confident that most users could not pull this off, so on my wishlist, I'll add a GRUB editor. That said, install is a breeze.

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