Appomattox 0.1 Released
Posted on: 07/29/2006 08:21 AM

Appomattox 0.1 has been released

Appomattox is both a library and an application. As a library, it provides a set of easy to use mapping components for desktop applications. Built upon these libraries is the application called WorkBench. WorkBench is currently a spatial data viewer, but has goals to be a full-fledged Geographic Information System (GIS).

Appomattox was developed in C# on Mono/Linux and uses the Gtk/Gtk# toolkit. However, it runs equally well on MS.Net/Windows. For more information and links to download, please check out the release notes:

And for those who love screenshots:

If there are other GNOMErs who are interested in GIS, please don't hesitate to speak up and get involved.

Appomattox 0.1 Released

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