APNSCP Beta for Ensim WEBppliance
Posted on: 02/25/2003 10:52 PM

Matt Saladna send words that there is an addon to Ensim WEBppliance called apnscp which offers a native PHP interface in addition to several bug fixes/tweaks to the normal WEBppliance interface.

A quick run down of what it is:
For those unaware of the purpose of the apnscp:

apnscp is a Web hosting addition suite for Ensim WEBpplianceâ„¢ to provide not only a simpler interface for programming new additions through PHP, but also natively provide additional provisions to Ensim WEBpplianceâ„¢ for further simplification of WEBppliance and better customer relations. Examples of some of the features added are:
- MySQL cronjobs
- PostgreSQL cronjobs (where applicable)
- MIME manager
- FrontPage installation/uninstallation control
- Easily customizable Site/User Summary pages
- Graphical bandwidth and disk quota usage
- Integrated trouble tickets to address your customers' problems immediately and succinctly
- Billing, for use with tracking prior billing for individual users
- Several inherent problems with WEBppliance such as ~adminN mapping fixed
- Modularized design for easy extension management
- Centralized stylesheets that can be modified without the need to restart WEBppliance
- PHP-based front-end, independent of varying configurations of php.ini
- Small, light-weight Tcl-based backend for shell-level calls

The sign-up form is located at http://apisnetworks.com/apnscpbeta.ttml

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