apnscp 1.0 RC4-2 Open Beta
Posted on: 03/29/2003 01:40 PM

apnscp 1.0 RC4-2 Open Beta has been released:

After some unexpected delays in apnscp's progress, apnscp 1.0 RC4-2 is the first publicly available and non-botched release of apnscp.

apnscp is an addon for Ensim WEBppliance that emulates most all Ensim WEBppliance functionality in PHP. apnscp offers coders interested in extending Ensim WEBppliance with a simplified and more powerful interface, in addition to a light-weight, easily customizable Tcl socket server backend for handling higher level system calls. Additional features of apnscp include: trouble ticket interface, nascent billing support, MySQL and PostgreSQL cronjobs for automated database backups, and FrontPage control for installation/uninstallation of FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions.

Please bear in mind though that while this is a beta, some bugs may or may not exist. Further information can be found at http://apnscp.com/.

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