Antergos 2013.11.17 Review
Posted on: 11/20/2013 10:42 AM takes a look at Antergos, a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux

Antergos 2013.11.17 Review

Antergos is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. Formerly known as Cinnarch, it is a relatively new project and is poised to do for Arch Linux what Ubuntu did for Debian.

Like it’s parent distribution, it uses a rolling-release development model, which means that existing users do not have to reinstall to get the latest and greatest kernel and software packages. The simple act of regularly installing updates gives you the latest packages and features available from a new ISO installation image.

The latest edition is Antergos 2013.11.17. When it was just released, activity on the project’s community forum indicated that users were having a problem booting into the Live desktop. I didn’t have that problem, but every attempt I made to install a new system using a 64-bit version of the 2013.11.17 installation image failed with the error shown in the image below.

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