Announcing librsvg 2.11 aka 'Actual codename censored'
Posted on: 08/28/2005 08:08 AM

The librsvg team is happy to announce librsvg 2.11

librsvg is a SVG rendering library maintained by Dom Lachowicz and Caleb Moore and used among other places in the GNOME desktop.

This release of librsvg is the result of 6 months of development. Caleb Moore spent a lot of time reorganizing the code to enable adding DOM support to librsvg. This code reorganisation had a lot of other positive side effects too, like improved stability and consistency, and last but not least improved rendering speed.

There is also a great host of rendering fixes by Caleb to things like gradient positioning, patterns, namespaces, inheritance, marker rendering and text rendering. Also in this release is better clip paths handling and handling of out of order references and other file references.

Dom Lachowicz have worked on full support for conditionals and made vfs support work better in addition to merging patches and bugfixing.

In addition to this we have a host of smaller changes including:
1. rsvg cannot handle a relative path (309234) - Josselin Mouette
2. librsvg tries to open files twice (309220) - Josselin Mouette
3. rsvg behavior keeps aspec ratio when only width or height (309233)
Josselin Mouette
4. C89 compiler fix (308472) - Behdad Esfahbod
5. Various bugfixes - 303086, 302905, 170164, 304045, 171281, 273989,
308810, 309885 - Caleb Moore and Dom Lachowicz
6. crasher bug fix (169051) - Ed Catmur
7. Windows port - Tor Lillquist
8. leak fixes (306494) - Ryan Lortie

A big thanks goes to the contributors to this release.

More information on the librsvg homepage:

You can download librsvg from:

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