Announcing K12Linux F10 Live Server
Posted on: 02/03/2009 09:42 PM

The K12Linux F10 Live Server has been released:

The K12Linux team is proud to announce the release of K12Linux F10 Live Server. K12Linux is Linux Terminal Server Project ( integrated with Fedora 10, in a convenient LiveUSB or DVD media installer. Since 1999 LTSP has empowered many schools and businesses with Linux-based terminal servers and thin clients, allowing low-cost clients or recycled computers to become powerful Linux desktop machines.

K12Linux allows easy deployment of a Linux terminal server, capable of serving entire networks of netboot diskless clients. Clients login to the central terminal server, where they can use any Linux desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, XFCE, etc.) and most desktop applications. Significant long-term cost savings are made possible by central management of software and accounts. The clients are stateless, making them easy to maintain and replace by on-site staff with minimal training.
The important feature of K12Linux is the Live Server media. With K12Linux Live Server, you can boot a terminal server from USB stick and demo K12Linux server without touching your hard drive. With this demo mode, you can network boot an entire network of diskless thin clients within minutes. This same media can install a preconfigured LTSP server upon your hard drive within a few minutes.

* Auto-configuration of diskless thin clients. Just plug in hardware and set the BIOS to PXE boot, no configuration necessary to add or replace clients. Same hardware support capability as Fedora 10 kernel and
* Applications like or Firefox are typically faster than
a standalone Linux desktop because they are already in memory in use by other users.
* Sound is automatically forwarded over the network via pulseaudio. Composite capable hardware can use compiz over the network.
* Local Application Support
Certain multimedia apps like Firefox, movie players, 3D applications can be configured to run as locally on the client hardware. K12Linux enables seemless integration of these local applications with automatic remote home directory mounting and XDG menu integration. (Recommended minimum 1GB RAM on the client.)
* Local Storage Devices Support
Floppy, CD/DVD and USB storage plugged into thin clients appear on your remote desktop. Hotplug events and the filesystem mounts are forwarded over the network. Remote or local applications can seamlessly use your local storage device.

Home Page
Find downloads and documentation at the K12Linux Home Page.

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Special thanks to Ryan Niebur and Peter Scheie for their work on Fedora LTSP. Also thanks to Eric Harrison, Vagrant Cascadian, Gideon Romm, Oliver Grawert, Jim McQuillan and for making LTSP possible all these years.

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