AMD Ryzen Segmentation Fault issues under Linux
Posted on: 08/04/2017 01:24 PM

Phoronix reports that AMD's Ryzen CPUs have still segmentation fault issues under heavy load situations under Linux, even with the latest kernel.

This Google Doc remains among the resources trying to track this issue on Linux while on the Gentoo Forums, AMD Forums, and elsewhere are more reports of various problems encountered under extreme workloads -- like a ton of code compiling for hours on end, but can also happen in other scenarios.

AMD hasn't publicly commented on the problem and as of Linux 4.13 the issue is still happening. If carrying out the same tests on Intel CPUs, the segmentation faults do not occur. There is even ryzen-test to easily try reproducing the issue. The ryzen-test script will build GCC in parallel loops from a compressed ramdisk, in order to easily stress the CPU. In my day-to-day benchmarking of Ryzen CPUs, however, I haven't hit this problem or even on my main production desktop with using Ryzen 5. The problem really comes to light just under very heavy and continuous workloads it seems.

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You can download the ryzen-test script here

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