AMD Radeon Software for Linux 17.50 released
Posted on: 12/12/2017 02:40 PM

AMD has released Radeon Software for Linux 17.50

AMD Radeon Software for Linux 17.50 released

Radeon Software for Linux Driver 17.50 Highlights
Delivers amdgpu-pro and amdgpu-all-open stacks using the same packaging infrastructure
Provides support for RHEL 7.4 and CentOS 7.4
Large Page Support is enabled by default

Known Issues
Corruption is observed while resizing terminal window in Ubuntu 16.04.3 – this is a kernel issue and is expected to be fixed with Ubuntu 16.04.4
A SLE 12 updated driver will arrive alongside our 18.Q1 Enterprise Driver release.
Fatal Error occurred while performing Workbench StoryboardGraphics on Ansys 18.1

Package Contents
AMDGPU All-Open and AMDGPU-Pro Driver
ROCm Platform 1.6 in supported distributions

Compatible Operating Systems
RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.4 (64-bit version)
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.9 (64-bit version)
CentOS 7.4 (64-bit version)
CentOS 6.9 (64-bit version)
Ubuntu 16.04.3 (64-bit version)

Base Feature Support
Supported APIs:
OpenGL 4.5 and GLX 1.4
Vulkan™ 1.0
Basic display features
Basic power management features
Note: AMD does not perform QA validation for S4 (hibernation) function as it is highly platform dependent.
KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) and ADF (Atomic Display Framework) support
GPL compliant kernel module
AMD FirePro™ Features (EDID Management and 30-bit color)
FreeSync support (Please refer to this FAQ for more information)
DirectGMA for OpenGL
Install script and native packages for all supported operating systems

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