AMD Open Source Driver for Vulkan 2019.Q3.2 released
Posted on: 07/16/2019 01:33 PM

AMD has updated their Open Source Driver for Vulkan

AMD Open Source Driver for Vulkan 2019.Q3.2 released

The AMD Open Source Driver for Vulkan® is an open-source Vulkan driver for Radeon™ graphics adapters on Linux®. It is built on top of AMD's Platform Abstraction Library (PAL), a shared component that is designed to encapsulate certain hardware and OS-specific programming details for many of AMD's 3D and compute drivers. Leveraging PAL can help provide a consistent experience across platforms, including support for recently released GPUs and compatibility with AMD developer tools.

Shaders that compose a particular VkPipeline object are compiled as a single entity using the LLVM-Based Pipeline Compiler (LLPC) library. LLPC builds on LLVM's existing shader compilation infrastructure for AMD GPUs to generate code objects compatible with PAL's pipeline ABI. Notably, AMD's closed-source Vulkan driver currently uses a different pipeline compiler, which is the major difference between AMD's open-source and closed-source Vulkan drivers.

Product Support

The AMD Open Source Driver for Vulkan is designed to support the following AMD GPUs:

Radeon™ HD 7000 Series
Radeon™ HD 8000M Series
Radeon™ R5/R7/R9 200/300 Series
Radeon™ RX 400/500 Series
Radeon™ M200/M300/M400 Series
Radeon™ RX Vega Series
Radeon™ RX 5700 Series
AMD FirePro™ Workstation Wx000/Wx100/Wx300 Series
Radeon™ Pro WX x100 Series
Radeon™ Pro 400/500 Series

Operating System Support

The AMD Open Source Driver for Vulkan is designed to support following distros on both the AMDGPU upstream driver stack and the AMDGPU Pro driver stack:

Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit version)
Ubuntu 16.04.4 (64-bit version)
RedHat 7.5 (64-bit version)
The driver has not been tested on other distros. You may try it out on other distros of your choice.

Note: To run the Vulkan driver with AMDGPU upstream driver stack on SI and CI generation GPUs, amdgpu.si_support and amdgpu.cik_support need to be enabled in kernel

New feature and improvement

Add Navi10 support
Enable shader writes for alphaToCoverageEnable when attachment is set to VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED
Change reported driver UUID from pal major/minor version (and timestamp on Linux) to AMD-LINUX-DRV

Issue fix
vkGetShaderInfoAMD cannot get first shader stage disassembly code

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