AMD Catalyst 14.3 LINUX Beta V1.0 Driver
Posted on: 03/19/2014 09:51 AM

AMD has released a new Linux Catalyst beta driver

AMD Catalyst 14.3 LINUX Beta V1.0 Driver

Resolved Issues:

[394848] - Xorg crashed playing AVI video file in VLC player or Parole player
[394705] - "Nexuiz - Demo3" Ubuntu performance lower than Redhat
[394704] - "Nexuiz - Demo3" Linux performance lower than Windows

Open Issues:

[390964] : Stuttering and poor performance after playing an OpenGL game for a several minutes on Ubuntu
[393377] : Terminal panel stops refreshing until there is movement from mouse cursor
[392546] : System hang observed while hotpluging the stereo display
[388835] : Corruption and system hang observed while running Sanctuary BM with TFD enable
[392552] : Enabling Overlay: StartX , the screen shows corruption

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