amaroK 1.3-beta2, Codename Sombrero
Posted on: 08/01/2005 02:41 PM

amaroK 1.3-beta2 has been released:

* 17 Equalizer Presets
* Cover image shadows for extra drooling
* Crash persistent settings
* Podcast support
* Revamped xine engine, including crossfading!

Full changelog since 1.3-beta2
* New "not in the last" option for the date fields in Smart Playlists.
(BR 107725)
* New OSD tokens: %directory and %type (shows whether it's a stream, or
otherwise the extension).
* New DCOP call "player: lyrics" (BR 100306) and Lyrics Caching.

(BR 97961)
* New DCOP call "player: transferDeviceFiles". Transfers queued files to
the Media Device.
* New DCOP call "player: queueForTransfer". Queues files for transfer to
the Media Device.
* Download your favourite podcasts and let amaroK manage them for you!
* 17 Equalizer presets. (BR 96302)
* xine-engine supports crossfading. Note: Your audio device must support
mixing. SBLive, dmix or ALSA 1.0.9 will do the trick.
* Shuffle the queue list in the queue manager. (BR 108861)
* The audio plugin (autodetect, ALSA, esd etc.) for xine-engine is now
* Playlist-Browser now remembers the state and layout of its tree view.
* Show a stop icon next to the track to stop playing after.
* Miniature player window for the minimalists out there! (BR 85876)
* "Stop Playing After Track" now also works for queued tracks.
* "Open in External Browser" button for Lyrics Tab, patch from Nick
Tryon (Dhraakellian). lt;dhraak@gmail.comgt;
* Funky shadow effect for the album cover @ Context-Browser and OSD.
(BR 108334)
* Create playlists by dragging tracks onto the Playlist Category in the
PlaylistBrowser. (BR 75029)
* Show OSD when pausing and unpausing. (BR 104508)
* Make 'The' prefix of artists be transparent in the collection
browser and sort accordingly. (BR 85959)

* TagLib version 1.4 is required.
* Renamed "Track Name" column to "Filename", "Extension" to "Type".
* "Use hardware volume mixer" option has been removed.
* "Play AudioCD" gets disabled for engines that don't support KIO.
* The OSD (by default) and systray tooltip now show the same infos in
the same order as the columns in the playlist.
* xine-engine's configuration dialog has been reworked and simplified.
* xine-engine has been given the highest engine plugin rank.
* Systray tooltip now shows "elapsed time / total time" for the length.

* When playing, the text in the current track's columns wouldn't get
ellipsii added if the column was too short.
* Dragging 'All Collection' smart playlist made amaroK hang.
* Compilations reported incorrect number of tracks in the Context
Browser. (BR 109651)
* Track play icon remains even when stopped playing. (BR 107284)
* Sometimes valid tracks were not submitted to AudioScrobbler. (BR 1002
* Current playlist is now being remembered when amaroK crashes. (BR 986
* Playlist-Browser saves its state after each change, so that no data
is lost when amaroK crashes. (BR 108814)
* Crash when trying to save Smart Playlists after creating a Collection
for the first time.
* Context menu of compilations was empty in context browser.
* Don't append albums and compilations when clicking on text in the
context browser. (BR 98797)
* xine-engine: pre-amp for the equalizer works now. (BR 104882)
* Crash when changing the number of minimum upcoming tracks right after starting amaroK. (BR 108251)

The amaroK team

amaroK is a soundsystem-independent audio-player for *nix. Its interface us
es a powerful "browser" metaphor that allows you to create playlists that make the most of your music collection. We have a fast development-cycle and super-happy users. We also provide pensions and other employment-benefits.

"Easily the best media-player for Linux at the moment. Install it now!"
- Linux Format Magazine

IRC: #amarok

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