amaroK 1.2.3
Posted on: 03/29/2005 08:12 AM

Version 1.2.3 of the amaroK audio player has been released

We're getting you into the right mood for spring. Have a party, spin some music with the new amaroK release, and relax. Enjoy the good life.

ChangeLog relative to amaroK 1.2.2:

* Graphequalizer script can now enable and disable the equalizer.
* New DCOP call "player: equalizerEnabled" returns whether or not the equalizer is enabled.
* OSD notification for mute.
* Mute global shortcut, Win+M.
* Add %comment token for comment display in OSD. (BR 100944)
* View/Edit track entry into context menus of ContextBrowser and CollectionBrowser.
* You can mark/unmark albums as compilations via CollectionBrowser's right-click contextmenu.
* New DCOP call "collection: query(const QString sql)".
Allows to make arbitrary queries on the Collection database.
* New DCOP call "playlist: removeCurrentTrack()". (BR 92973)

* Show "Artist - Title" for compilation discs in CollectionBrowser and ContextBrowser.
* Upgraded internal SQLite database to 3.2.0.
* DCOP call saveCurrentPlaylist() now returns the path to current.xml.

* Appropriate context menu entry for changing queue status for multiple playlist items.
* Fix regression preventing dequeuing multiple selected tracks.
* 'Show Toolbar' remembers its settings between sessions. (BR 98662)
* When doing Musicbrainz lookup from the Context browser, search for the real track, not the whole album.
* Memleak when a radio stream stalled. (BR 102047)
* The Collection Scan finally checks for the right file modification time.
* Adding a compilation disc from ContextBrowser was broken.
* GStreamer-engine: Reduced the gap when switching to next track without crossfading.
* GStreamer-engine: amaroK was swallowing the beginning of a track when Fade-in was set to zero. (BR 94472)
* Use a better highlight color in the "Configure Collection" dialog. (BR 102059)
* "Remove Duplicates / Missing" fixed. Removes dead entries correctly.
* Fix units for samplerate. (BR 101528)
* amaroK using 100% CPU on some systems. (BR 101524)
(a KHTML bug which got exposed by code in amaroK 1.2.2)

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