amaroK 1.2.2 Released
Posted on: 03/14/2005 06:57 AM

The amaroK team announces version 1.2.2 of the amaroK audio player

amaroK 1.2.2 offers many bugfixes, improvements and new features over the previous release. We are especially happy to present the new Theming support for amaroK, making it possible to style the Context-Browser with your favorite
designs. Happy theming!

ChangeLog relative to amaroK 1.2.1:

* Context Browser CSS styles can now be installed and selected from the appearance settings.
* Append Suggestions now has an icon in the statusbar.
* When selecting multiple files, the "View/Edit Meta Information" dialog will show the tags that are common to all of them. (BR 100423)
* A line graph equalizer added as a script "graphequalizer."

* Add 25-track and 50-track smart-playlists.
* Update current-track icons to include greater padding.
* The contextbrowser now uses data:-URLs instead of temp image files, so they cannot be left on disk when amaroK terminates unexpectedly, and the Konqueror/Universal sidebar can show them when amaroK is not running.

* escape '' char in contextmenu entry (BR 101276)
* Track is set as a number in the database, so shouldn't be added rounded by quotes. (BR 101208)
* Rewrote the broken .pls playlist parser.
* Handle delay gap between songs properly with aRts engine. (BR 90404)
* Switched order of "Make playlist" and "Queue after current track" menus to avoid playlist destruction. (BR 96164 part 1)
* Visualizations with LibVisual didn't work in some cases. (BR 99627)
* amaroK could fail to build if the whole kdeextragear-1 module was compiled, due to conflicts with K3B on the MusicBrainz check. (BR 100906)
* Images shown on OSD where incorrect for action notifications.
* The handbook translations were not built when amaroK was installed from the tarball. I've written a new release script in Ruby, which can handle the new structure of kde-i18n. (BR 100498)
* GStreamer-engine can now play vorbis radio streams properly, with full metadata support. (BR 89821)
* GStreamer-engine now uses the "decodebin" autoplugger, which fixes the lag issues that some users had during crossfading. (BR 99570)

IRC: #amarok

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