amaroK 1.2
Posted on: 02/14/2005 04:11 PM

amaroK 1.2 has been released

The amaroK team is proud to announce version 1.2 of the amaroK audio player!

Markey, muesli and mxcl were walking along the bypass the other week when these aliens came down. And they said, "Dudes! Make us the best media-player in the world. Ever!" and we looked at each other, and said "What's wrong with XMMS?" and they said (in unison, which was kinda creepy), "Oh come on dudes! We're aliens, you try pushing 2 pixel square buttons when you have 70-million dpi screens!". So they put us in a slave-camp and we managed to get a new version of amaroK out, but we may have done too good a job because now they want to keep us here forever. Save us! Someone!

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