amaroK 1.1-beta2 released
Posted on: 09/13/2004 05:28 AM

The amaroK team announces version 1.1-beta2 of the amaroK audio player

This release not only fixes many bugs from the previous beta version, but also introduces some stunning new features. We invite our users to test the program thoroughly, as this will likely be the last beta release before 1.1-final.

New in this version:

* Crossfading support for GStreamer
* Custom Smart Playlists
* Animated systray icon with progress display
* Support for the Media Application Server (MAS)
* Color scheming for player window
* K3B integration for direct CD burning
* Cool-Streams, a collection of recommended radio streams
* Cutting edge SQLite-3 database
* Third category for Collection filtering
* Rating system for music

Please refer to the ChangeLog for a detailed list of changes.

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