amaroK 1.1-beta1 released
Posted on: 08/19/2004 10:12 AM

Version 1.1-beta1 of the amaroK audio player has been released

In time for the annual KDE developer conference "aKademy", we present amaroK 1.1, the next generation of the leading audio player for KDE.

* GStreamer Fully Integrated with KDE : Play from your Samba share with smb:/, or use the fish KIOSlave to play from a remote host.
* Xine support : This easy to install framework can play a great number of media formats and is very reliable.
* MusicBrainz support for tag editing : No voodoo needed for tagging your music, just click the MusicBrainz=A0button and it will get the song information from the online database.
* Album cover support : If you have album covers in your music directory amaroK will automatically load them - better yet, amaroK can automatically download album covers from the Internet!
* Multimedia Keyboard Friendly : If you happen to have extra multimedia buttons on your keyboard, using amaroK is even more fun. Just use KHotkeys to map those special buttons to amaroK's dcop functions (like play/pause/volume up/volume down and many more)!
* Welcome Wizard : For easy configuring at first program startup.

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