amaroK 1.0-beta3 released
Posted on: 05/11/2004 07:25 AM

Version 1.0-beta3 of the amaroK audio player has been released

This release is a peach :) It's juicy and tasty, please enjoy!

Many highlights, such as the new "Context Browser", providing handy information on the music you're currently listening to, the rewritten stream support, and our shiny new handbook!

ADD: Additional volume slider for playlist window.
ADD: ContextBrowser shows you images and information to the current song/artist. It depends on the collection and is presented as an HTML widget.
CHG: Improved color handling and visual feedback in the GUI.
ADD: Global shortcut for play/pause action, as requested by multimedia-keyboard users (BR 79541).
CHG: Small player-window can be switched off now.
FIX: CollectionBrowser out of order after scanning.
FIX: TitleProxy partly rewritten. Should be more compatible with many streams and not be able to freeze the app any longer.
FIX: When playing a stream with title streaming activated, the track is not marked as playing (BR 79999).
FIX: Invoking "Track Information" in Collection Browser sometimes crashed the application (BR 80266).
FIX: In CollectionBrowser's folder setup dialog pressing cancel did not abort (BR 80451). Thanks to Michael Pyne for patch.
ADD: Option for selecting sound output system (OSS/Alsa). Currently only used with GStreamer engine.
CHG: Extended and updated handbook, thanks to Mike Diehl
ADD: Context menu item "Make Playlist" in Collection Browser generates new playlists on the fly, without the need for drag-and-drop.
CHG: Renamed several files and folders in the source code tree, resulting in improved code accessibility.

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