Alexandria 0.5.1
Posted on: 03/27/2005 03:47 PM

Alexandria 0.5.1 has just been released.

Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book collection.

You can get more information (screenshots, features, download links, packages...) on its web site:

This is mostly a quick bug fix version, even if some features were added in the meantime (such as a book provider to the Amadeus Austrian library).

0.5.0 users are encouraged to upgrade. Details are following. Enjoy!

New features:
* Added provider for book information retrieval of the Amadeus Buch online library (Austrian books) ;
* Allows user-specific themes in ~/.alexandria/.web-themes ;
* Localized .desktop file.

Bugs fixed:
* Fixed the wording of some messages ;
* Use alternating colours for rows in the search list of the Add Book dialog and the providers list of the Preferences dialog ;
* The Amazon provider will cache information on
~/.alexandria/.amazon_cache instead of /tmp/amazon, allowing multiple users with different credentials to use it ;
* Really ignores hidden directories in ~/.alexandria ;
* Be more intelligent when building the list of providers by taking into account nil values from the GConf schema ;
* Do not display the whole GPL text in the About dialog, just the header ;
* Display an confirmation message when trying to move a book into a library that already has a book with the same ident ;
* Fixed the moves action after an import process ;
* Display an error message when trying to set an EAN/ISBN that is already used by another book in the same library ;
* Forgot to mark some translatable strings ;
* Display an error message when trying to add a book with an EAN/ISBN that is already used by another book in the same library ;
* Manually added books were not automatically added in the memory representation of the library ;
* Pack the cover image as non-expandable in the books list view.

Added translation:
* Mirko Maischberger lt;mirko@lilik.itgt; (it).

Updated translations:
* Dafydd Harries lt;daf@muse.19inch.netgt; (cy) ;
* David Weinehall lt;tao@debian.orggt; (sv) ;
* Joachim Breitner lt;mail@joachim-breitner.degt; (de) ;
* Laurent Sansonetti lt;lrz@gnome.orggt; (fr) ;
* Masao Mutoh lt;; (ja) ;
* Miguel Ángel García (es).

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