A Review of SuSE Linux Office Desktop
Posted on: 02/16/2003 03:17 PM

Saw over at PCLinuxOnline that MadPenguin has posted a review on SuSE Linux Office Desktop

SuSE delivered their new offering to us via overnight airmail as soon as the code was released, and it came to us as we would have purchased it over the counter at Best Buy, CompUSA, or [insert favorite computer store here]. The box was solid and pretty heavy. I soon found out that 90% of the box's weight was due to the size of the manual that came with the distro... you have got to see this thing. It's 364 pages of pure Linux knowledge. SuSE has covered everything in this book from installation/configuration right down to CrossOver Office setup and use. This was a welcome sight, not necessarily for me, as I am pretty comfortable with Linux, but for new users this book will be invaluable. I must also say that the book is well written and definitely geared toward the newbie, without being overly simplified so as to sound redundant to the veteran Linux user. It was actually fun to browse through and I even learned a couple of new tricks in the process. This book makes the package well rounded and fun to use.

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