A quick look at the SUSE 9.1 beta
Posted on: 04/05/2004 04:04 AM

Saw over at NewsForge that Linux.com has posted a review on SUSE 9.1 beta

I was eager to get my hands on the newest version of SUSE Linux, the first version produced by the company under the Novell corporate umbrella. Like many others, I wondered how it would jell. SUSE has been a leading commercial proponent of the KDE desktop environment. Common wisdom the past few years has held that if you liked KDE, SUSE was your best bet. If Gnome was your choice, Red Hat was the best way to go. Prior to the SUSE purchase, Novell acquired Ximian, with its deep involvement with the Gnome project. Would KDE suddenly find itself a second class environment on the distro that loved it? Many feared that would be the case. What I learned with the beta should go a long way towards allaying those fears.

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