A Look Into LindowsOS 2.0
Posted on: 09/25/2002 11:00 AM

Saw over DistroWatch that OSNews has posted a review on LindowsOS 2.0:\"The Linux community has been buzzing about LindowsOS since its original announcement over a year ago. With Michael Robertson, founder of mp3.com, at the helm, it was heralded as a Linux that could seamlessly run all of your Windows applications. As details became available, the skepticism of the community grew and with the LindowsOS general release only months away, no one is quite sure what to make of Lindows.com and there product, LindowsOS. We tested Lindows 2.0 and we today present the most in-depth review ever written for this much-talked OS, accompanied by a number of shots."\Read more

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