SysCP 1.2.14
Posted on: 09/26/2006 10:02 PM

SysCP 1.2.14 has been released

Hello SysCP-community,

some of you may already have noticed: SysCP 1.2.14 is finally ready for download. It lasted 6 months, 4 Release candidates, approx. 200 changesets and 50 tickets since 1.2.13 to a more stable and useable SysCP.

You may ask: "What has been changed during this long time?". Well, let's summarize the changes in a few sentences:
One of the greatest UI-Changes is definitely our new design. It was gracefully engineered by Luca Longinotti and Luca Piona. It's a real pleasure to work
with this design, so don't wait for updating your installation or try our demo at Please note: All modules still need to be updated to this design by the authors to work with SysCP 1.2.14.
This is a rather huge change, but not the only one. The old and buggy paging-system was replaced by a more advanced version which also integrates a search and improved sorting. It was also expanded to nearly every table in SysCP.

Admins, resellers and customers now have the current loginname in the menu and title, which should be a great benefit for admins often "su-ing" into a customers account. The "su"-feature was a bit expanded to allow the main-admin a simple login in another admin / reseller-accounts for easier maintainance.

For our danish, italian and russian users we have a surprise: Thanks to Simon Clausen (danish), Luca Longinotti Luca Piona (italian) and Konstantin Samofejew (russian) we have three complete new languages added for your benefit! With these three languages, SysCP is available in 10 different languages (sorry for our spanish, portugues and catalan speaking friends, a few strings are missing, but approx 90% are translated).
Customers now have a link to webalizer for every domain they own in their domain-overview and they can choose the open_basedir anywhere inside their customerroot. It's now possible to add HTTP-redirects while having the "pathselect"-dropdown activated.

If you always said: "Why must I insert First-/Lastname when my customer is a company?" - relax, now you can either insert the names OR a company OR both. SysCP handles nearly every case.

Now we are getting close to the inner workings of SysCP. Our old inputvalidation was a bit buggy over the last decades and we only provided bugfixes and workarounds. It was time to delete all the old crap and recode it from scratch. A community-member, Christian Hoffmann, simply said: "I'll do it", applause! With this recode the inputvalidation now gives mostly usefull information which field has a wrong value inside and should be corrected.
Another big problem which occured on many installations was related to Postfix, its chroot and the MySQL-link. To get around this problem we changed the default MySQL-Host from "localhost" to "", this should work in most cases. Existing configurations will kept untouched, but if you want to improve your Postfix simply replace the MySQL-host in the Postfix-configurationfiles and restart Postfix. All other configurations are not affected by this, but Postfix runs more stable.

"Thanks" goes to Ron Brand for adding Debian 4.0 Etch support and maintaining the debian-packages.

Except the changes mentioned above, we fixed a lot of bugs and made minor improvements. Details about all enhancements and bugfixes SysCP 1.2.14 contains are listed at

There are two possibilities to get the new SysCP 1.2.14:
With Debian (Sarge / Etch) simply do an "apt-get install syscp" after adding our repository to your sources.list ("deb sarge/" for sarge and "deb etch/" for etch) and doing an apt-get update. People already using the debian repository just have to "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade".

All others can obtain SysCP on our fileserver:

Last but not least I want to point at our new documentations about installing SysCP on Debian (Sarge / Etch) which can be found at Special thanks go to Florian Aders and Ron Brand for updating the howtos which were originally written by Philipp Haefelfinger.

We hope you have a great time using SysCP - we enjoyed making it.

So long and thanks for all the fish,
Flo and the SysCP-team

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