Fedora Core 2
Posted on: 05/20/2004 11:00 PM

Fedora Core 2 is the latest release of Red Hat's community supported Linux distribution. This release is available on 4 CDs (+ 4 CDs sources) or 1 DVD, and for x86-compatible (32-bit) and AMD64 (64-bit) platforms.

What's new?
Fedora Core 2 comes with the latest packages except of MySQL, which is still version 3.23.58 because of license issues with PHP.

Here some of the included packages:

Linux Kernel 2.6.5
X.org X11 6.7.0 (replace X-Free)
GNOME 2.6.0
KDE 3.2.2
XFce 4.0.5 (new)
Mozilla 1.6
Ximian Evolution 1.4.6
OpenOffice 1.1.1
GIMP 2.0
k3b 0.11.9 (new)
koffice 1.3
Apache 2.0.49
Samba 3.0.3

Fedora Core 2 includes also an implementation of SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux), but this is disabled by default. For more information on SELinux visit the Fedora Core 2 SELinux FAQ

Hardware requirements

The official hardware requirements have been not changed since the last release:

CPU Requirements
- Minimum: Pentium-class
- Recommended for text-mode: 200 MHz Pentium-class or better
- Recommended for graphical: 400 MHz Pentium II or better

Hard Disk Space Requirements
- Custom Installation (Minimal): 620MB
- Server: 1.1GB
- Personal Desktop: 2.3GB
- Workstation: 3.0GB
- Custom Installation (Everything): 6.9GB

Memory Requirements
- Minimum for text-mode: 64MB
- Minimum for graphical: 192MB
- Recommended for graphical: 256MB

However, Fedora Core performs also pretty well on machines with 128MB or less, even this is not suggested.

The install

After the media check, the graphical installer will be started. Alternative, it is also possible to install Fedora Core 2 in text mode.

Here some screen shots of the installer:

Anaconda (the graphical installer) has been slightly changed. The monitor configuration dialog is now immediately after keyboard configuration.

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