Help!!! Installed Redhat 7.1 dual boot with XP not working
Posted by qshakoor

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all your help. I tried changing the lilo.conf file but that didn't seem to help me either. I guess I might have screwed up somewhere in the install. I went ahead and fixed my Windows XP by fixing the MBR. Once I was able to boot back to XP, I killed the Linux partitions. I decided then it is not the time for me to get into Linux. Funny thing is I heard that Redhat 8.0 is out Last night I tried doing a dual boot with Red Hat 8.0, and it worked like a charm. With 7.1 I was not able to fix my video config whereas 8.0 had the right drivers Hooooah!!!

I am now trying to figure out Linux Is there something similar to .profile (Unix uses this for setting up environment I believe)?

Appreciate your help.


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