Help!!! Installed Redhat 7.1 dual boot with XP not working
Posted by danleff

No need to apoligize, you did nothing wrong. You did not hijack the thread. Your post explained your situation fine.

Personally, I would leave the system alone, if it is functioning properly and you feel queasy about changing anything right now.

To offset the delay of Win XP booting, just highlight it and hit the enter key. The 30 second boot delay will be be skipped. There is no delay, no countdown, and Windows will boot immediately.

If you have already changed the previous install partition for RedHat and it is no longer there, the grub menu.lst file may not be there. There is nothing to change, in this case.

If you boot a live cd and know where the partition is (say it is still there and the /boot/grub/menu.lst file is still present), then you can edit it to make changes, but not delete Grub from the master boot record itself, which resides on the first part of your master ide drive.

The problem is that you don't have a Win XP cd disk to run the recovery of the MBR to Windows.

In this case, you need to resort to more drastic measures, hence my post on the Win 98 boot disk and the the command line to try and re-write the MBR. Some report this works, some report that it fails. I believe this is due to the way the system was already set up.

If this is an HP or Compaq system, I would leave it alone. these systems are a little tricky, as they often have recovery and bios related information on a small hidden partition at the beginning of the master hard drive.

To get an idea of what we mean, do a search on Windows XP restore MBR and you will come across some examples of what I mean.

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