Help!!! Installed Redhat 7.1 dual boot with XP not working
Posted by codfish

OK, firstly, thank you to all those offering helpful advice.

Secondly, I apologise for the thread hijack, as it was bound to cause confusion, but as I was searching the forum for info, this is the threaed that seemed most relevant, so I thought tagging this onto the end might melp others in my situation.

I presume that as I can now only boot into Windows, that editing the Grub.conf file is no longer an option?

I don't really want to do anything too drastic as the system is basically stable as regards boot-up, it is just a bit annoying to have to wait while grub counts down.

I do have access to an ISO of Mandrake Move, so presumably I need to burn this to CD, boot into Linux and then edit Grub, is this correct?, and yes I have deleted the Linux partition and reassigned that space to other partitions, have I basically burnt my boat regarding editing Grub.conf?

I am running XP, so is the 98 disk really the one I want?

Thanks again.

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