Help!!! Installed Redhat 7.1 dual boot with XP not working
Posted by Dapper Dan

Originally posted by u_r_a_windroid:
""It looks like you no longer have RedHat 9 on your system?"One of us needs glasses because I could swear the title of the post says 7.1."

codfish said Fedora 9. Since there is no such version of Fedora, danleff assumed he meant RedHat 9.

"By the way, gshakoor, there are much less 'glitchy' (and better) distros out there than Red Hat."

Then why don't you recommend one?

"Just ask one of these 'experts'."

Not one member here, (who, unlike you, have actually taken the time to make constuctive posts to help others), has ever referred to themselves as an expert.

"Question for the website people: if you can have a lightbulb or floppydisk icon up there, why is there no penguin?"

Because none of us here need it. Do you?

u_r_a_windroid, in your very first post at Linuxcompatible, all you have done is gripe and complain. You have made no effort to help anyone with a problem. You're really out to make a good impression aren't you? If you can't offer constructive help or ask for assistance in a polite way, then please don't post at all. We were doing just fine before you got here will do fine long after you leave.
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