Help!!! Installed Redhat 7.1 dual boot with XP not working
Posted by danleff

I'm not surprised that RedHat 9 did not work, especially if this is a newer laptop.

"Anyway, as I now only have Windows on the system, I no longer want to open up into Grub and then wait 30 seconds before the OS loads, so how do I delete the Grub Boot Loader?"

It looks like you no longer have RedHat 9 on your system? Did you delete the partition?

If you did not, it would be relatively easy to remove grub, but you need to have an alternate plan.

The amount of time that it takes Windows to load really has nothing to do with grub, which just points to windows on the hard drive.

Anyway, you are in an interesting position. No Windows CD (I hate how laptop companies do this. You should have the Windows cd).

The first thing that I would do is back-up and important data.

The fix would be to restore the Master Boot Record. You can't see it and there are no files that you can remove.

If you really insist that you want grub off the system, you can use a Windows 98 boot disk to restore the MBR to windows only. There is some risk that this will not work and make the system unbootable. So consider this carefully.

Anyway, get a Windows 98 boot disk from

Boot from the floppy and go to the c: drive.

Type in fdisk /mbr and hit the enter key.

Again, make sure that you back up your data first and that your system recovery cd disks are at hand.

I hope that the recovery disks also restore Windows, if you need to re-install? If you don't know, consult your laptop manufacturer's web site or support before doing anything.

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