Help!!! Installed Redhat 7.1 dual boot with XP not working
Posted by codfish

Hi, this is a slight thread hijack, although it may help others in my situation.

I had made my Laptop dual boot with Fedora 9 and XP.

It loaded up into either one, with WIndows as my default.

I was using Grub Boot Loader.

I have now given up on using Unix as it took ages to get the resolution right for my computer, and then I realised I was going to have to track down all the driver files for all the hardware and it just seemed like too much trouble, no wonder Windows is so popular.

Anyway, as I now only have Windows on the system, I no longer want to open up into Grub and then wait 30 seconds before the OS loads, so how do I delete the Grub Boot Loader?

Thanks for your help.

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