Yzis M2 released
Posted on: 08/11/2004 05:22 AM

Yzis M2 has been released

The Yzis team is proud to release Yzis M2, the second milestone of the Yzis ("Why this ?") editor. Yzis is a vi-compatible editor which provides a reusable vi engine and
different user interfaces. Since the first milestone, a lot has happened for Yzis and we have welcome three new contributors. Thank to the dedicated work of this growing development team, Yzis is moving forward at a quick place.

The focus is on bug-fixing the existing features, simplifying the code to make it more robust, easier to extend, and on adding all the features that are necessary for a modern code editor.

The next milestone is targeted for the end of 2004 and work has already begun.


Debian packages are available through apt-get with
ftp://download.yzis.org/yzis ./

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