Your Operating System release candidate
Posted on: 12/09/2002 03:13 PM

Andreas Girardet send words that the first public release of Ydesktop has been released

Yoper limited (a New Zealand Operating System Company) is proud to announce the first public release (release candidate) of Ydesktop.

This is the first part of Your Operating System that Yoper Limited ("Yoper") is developing. This Operating System ("OS") contains the latest software, which includes Linux-2.4.20, KDE-3.1-rc5, Mozilla 1.1 and OpenOffice. The CD is optimized for i686 and higher X86 CPU's. The final release will contain KDE-3.1 and Mozilla 1.2.1 and other updated packages.

YOS is a compact, personalised and optimised OS with support for rpm, deb and tgz packages. The native YOS package system is the TGZ system. 200 packages have been carefully selected and compiled for speed and stability. YOS has an automatic hardware detection system, which should detect most modern hardware.

Please support YOS with advocacy, suggested improvements and/or monthly subscription fees. We need your support to create the best OS. When you give a YOS CD to other people, please do include a copy of these instructions to allow other people to understand the mission of Your Operating System. A digital copy of this document can be found on the download section of, the main YOS community portal.

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