Xubuntu 6.06 Beta Released
Posted on: 04/21/2006 11:09 AM

Xubuntu 6.06 Beta has been released:

We are pleased to announce that the first public beta release of Xubuntu, the latest official addition to the Ubuntu family of derivative distributions has arrived.

Xubuntu is built around the solid Ubuntu core and the friendly and relatively lightweight Xfce desktop environment, with the specific goal of providing a nice user experience even on older hardware.

To get Xubuntu 6.06 Beta

visit the URL below, keeping in mind the using torrents is preferred


There are two CD variants as with Ubuntu 6.06 Beta:

* classical install image with the text mode interface
* desktop image, which can be tried as a liveCD and optionally installed permanently using a graphical interface.

The final version of Xubuntu 6.06 is expected to be released in June.

What's in Xubuntu Beta

This release includes a recent code snapshot of the upcoming Xfce

4.4desktop environment.

In addition a nice selection of applications is provided to complete the user experience

* Firefox
* Thunderbird
* Gaim
* Abiword
* Gimp
* Synaptic

and others.

The install CD also contains Openoffice.org2 but it not installed by default.

Under the hood, as part of the Ubuntu base system there is linux, gcc 4.0.3 and Xorg 7.0

Feedback and helping

if you are interested in helping out please visit


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