Ximian Evolution 1.4.6
Posted on: 03/12/2004 04:44 PM

The Evolution Team has released Ximian Evolution 1.4.6


Here the full change log:

Evolution 1.4.6, 2004-02-18

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi):

* Addressbook

#50583 - Freeze when add a user to local meeting (Leon Zhang)
#49912 - Contacts list crash issue (Leon Zhang)
#48538 - Can not move rename contact folders (Gilbert Fang)

* Calendar

#51337 - Unlocalized strings in calendar/appointment dialogs (Yong
#51052 - Import error (Yong Sun)
#50387 - Importing a .vcf to local calendar crashes (Harry Lu)

* Mail

#54319 - Message-list blank even tho there are messages (Jeff
#50535 - Doesn't handle EHLO errors proper (Jeff Stedfast)
#50485 - Problems with accentuated gpg passphrases (Jeff Stedfast)
#50096 - GroupWise attachments and indexing (Jeff Stedfast)
#45504 - Warning Dialogs "Error while 'Fetching Mail" On POP3
auto download (Michael Zucchi)
#49357 - Email date is incorrect (Jeff Stedfast)
#46006 - Attempted ESMTP handshake with invalid IPv6 address (Jeff
#41610 - Crash if remote POP reports 0 byte len messag e(Michael
#48759 - Strange behaviour with save as dialog (Jeff Stedfast)
#47638 - Default charset is empty (Jeff Stedfast)
#48466 - Properties window open after attachment removed (Charles
#48166 - Size filter doesnt remember the size (Jeff Stedfast)
#53530 - Duplicate of attachments are seen on forward as Redirect
(Bill Zhu)
#48998 - Apply Button always remain activated (Charles Zhang)
#51551 - Encoding of the Organization is UNKNOWN (Suresh
#40917 - backspace shouldn't highlight the whole remaining string in
Setup Assistant (Suresh Chandrasekharan)
#47878 - Change "Helvetica" to "Sans Regular" for printing footers
(Rodney Dawes)
#32996 - Can select VFolders as Offline folders in Evolution
Settings (Michael Zucchi)
#39410 - "Work offline" does not propobly sync all mails in "offline
(Michael Zucchi)
#48290 - Selecting inverse theme causes text to be printed
white-on-white (Antonio Zu)

Other bugs fixed:

* Addressbook

- Memory corruption if corba exception when loading ebook (Chris

* Calendar

- Break lines for UTF8 correctly when printing (Yong Sun)
- Alarm daemon ref counting fixes (Rodrigo Moya)
- Use local timezone for component if timezone cannot be found
(Harry Lu)
- Only allow numbers in recurrence "for" entry (Harry Lu)
- Only allow numbers alarm repeat count and alarm time (Harry Lu)
- Only allow numbers in percent complete (Harry Lu)
- Store last alarm notification time properly (Harry Lu)

* Mail

- Enable forward/backward search toggle (Suresh Chandrasekharan)
- Dialog cleanup (Rodney Dawes)
- Use gnome thumbnail handling for scaling if possible (Frederic
- Handle broken image/pjpeg mime type (Jeff Stedfast)
- 64 bit fixes (Jeff Stedfast, Jeremy Katz)
- Better detection of broken dates (Frederic Crozat)

* Summary

- Make sure we only show today's tasks if configured that way (Gary

* Miscellanous

- Fix mem chunk locking (for SMP machines) (Zan Lynx<!-- -->)
- Build fixes (Frederic Crozat, Jeff Stedfast)
- Remove disable deprecated flags (JP Rosevear)
- Translation encodings (Carlos Perello Marin)

gtkhtml-3.0.10 "Vinyl" 2004-09-18
New in this release

* #38589 Missing mnemonics in replace window (Frederic Crozat)
* #51472 Missing mnemonics in replace window (Charles Zhang)
* Fix crash with upper/lower in emacs keybindings (Radek Doulik)
* Fix pasting of newlines (Radek Doulik)
* Support multi-byte searching (Suresh Chandrasekharan)
* 64 bit fixes (Jeremy Katz)
* Get translations for glade dialogs properly (Yong Sun)
* Spell check whole document if inline spell checking is disabled
(Radek Doulik)
* Fix toolbar sensitivity (Radek Doulik)
* Remove disable deprecated flags (JP Rosevear)
* Updated translations: ja (Takeshi AIHANA), cs (Miloslav Trmac),
(pt_BR) Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira. es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador
and Pablo Gonzalo del Campo), sv (Christian Rose),
nl (Vincent van Adrighem), pt (Duarte Loreto), sr (Danilo Segan),
de (Christian Neumair), az (Metin Amiroff), hu (Andras Timar),
no (Kjartan Maraas), pl (Artur Flinta), sk (Stanislav Visnovsky),
el (Nikos Charonitakis), pt (Duarte Loreto)

gal-1.99.11 2004-02-18

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi):

#44222 - Task summary entry widget not i18ned (Suresh Chandrasekharan)
#46165 - Browsing the calendar causes crash and displays
nothing (Chris Toshok)
#48815 - Customize fields sub-windows dont close on ESC (Charles Zhang)
#49912 - Contacts list crash issue (Leon Zhang)
#50065 - Chinese locales Input method hangs after a task entry
and new folder creation (Suresh Chandrasekharan)
#50258 - Shared object looks for wrong mo file (Suresh Chandrasekharan)
#51527 - Gal widgets produces backspace for Ctrl-space for
japanese input (Suresh Chandrasekharan)

Other bugs and changes:

- fix namespacing to build with GNOME 2.6 (Mike Kestner, Radek Doulik)
- remove hard coded disable deprecated flags (JP Rosevear)
- updated translations: ja (Takeshi AIHANA), fi (Ilkka Tuohela),
cs (Miloslav Trmac), sv (Christian Rose), es (Francisco Javier F.
pt_BR (Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira), nl (Vincent van Adrighem),
no (Kjartan Maraas), pt (Duarte Loreto), sr (Danilo Segan),
ca (Jordi Mallach), el (Nikos Charonitakis), sk (Stanislav Visnovsky)

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