Ximian Desktop 2
Posted on: 06/09/2003 12:46 PM

Ximian has released Ximian Desktop 2

Ximian® Desktop 2 is the complete enterprise Linux desktop. It provides complete desktop productivity for Linux users, featuring a tightly integrated suite of applications that delivers robust support for Windows file formats, networks and standards. Ximian Desktop 2 includes the Ximian edition of OpenOffice.org, which reads and writes files in the latest Microsoft Office formats, as well as the award-winning Ximian Evolution™, for email and personal information management that can be directly integrated with Microsoft Exchange 2000 and other messaging and collaboration servers.

Ximian Desktop 2 also includes a Mozilla-based web browser, popular browser plug-ins, professional fonts, built-in Red Carpet™ software management, and much more. The complete application suite, breakthrough usability and unparalleled Windows interoperability make it the ideal choice for organizations using Linux desktops within a mixed Windows/Linux computing environment.

Ximian Desktop 2 is supported on the following distributions:

- Red Hat 7.3, 8.0 and 9
- SuSE 8.2

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