XFce 4.0 has been released
Posted on: 09/25/2003 06:49 PM

The XFce Project is pleased to announce the release of the XFce 4.0 Desktop Environment and Development Platform.

XFce 4 is a Desktop Environment for Linux, *BSD, and other Unix-like systems. It's light, stable, modular, visually appealing and easy to configure. It offers a panel with detachable menus and many useful plugins, a full-featured window manager, a background manager, a taskbar, a centralized settings manager, a frontend for printing, a Gtk2 theme-engine, a file manager with Samba browsing and mount/umount capabilities, drag and drop and fonts anti-aliasing support, and KDE3/Gnome2 native interoperability... Moreover, XFce has been translated in many languages.

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