XenServer + XenCenter Review
Posted on: 08/15/2012 10:01 PM

Dedoimedo posted a review on XenServer

XenServer + XenCenter Review

I think you will find this article extremely unusual and yet fun. First of all, I did write about the Citrix XenServer in the past, namely how to install and configure it. All in all, the operation was a no-brainer, especially since XenServer is a basis for the free XCP, which comes with similar capabilities. However, I did not linger much beyond the initial setup.

Today, I will show you how to install XenServer one more time, on a laptop no less, being fully aware that laptops are not exactly meant to be the typical hardware for bare-metal hypervisors. Moreover, I will show you how you can manage the server from the command line using SSH as well as XenCenter, a GUI much like VMware vSphere. I will also show you how to manage ISO repositories, and we will even add a CIFS share. All of this on a box with SSD, VT and even VT-d, so it's going to be really awesome. Plus, there's another tutorial coming soon, so stay tuned. Now, follow me.

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