World's first real-time Linux system for parallel computing based on Itanium 2
Posted on: 02/14/2005 04:32 PM

A press release from Mandrakesoft:

World's first real-time Linux system for parallel computing based on Itanium® 2 processor.

Moreno Valley, CA; Paris, France; February 14th 2005. Mandrakesoft announced today the release of the first Linux system capable of real-time computing on Itanium® 2 based parallel computing platforms (Symmetric Multiprocessing and cluster computing). Developed for the "ITEA-HYADES" research project which is intended to adapt standard technology for applications that require real-time response, associated with heavy, parallel computations, the new system has already shown its capabilities in two innovating research applications. The new system will be marketed through Mandrakesoft's services branch.

The Intel® Itanium®2 processor's pure 64-bit design make it the processor of choice for high-performance applications such as database management, large-scale data analysis and simulation. Mandrakesoft's Mandrakelinux* for Intel Itanium®2 processor brings a unique feature to the platform : parallel real-time computing. Combined with the native power and flexibility of a Mandrakelinux system, this capacity for real-time computing in parallel setups (clusters and SMP) make Mandrakelinux for Intel Itanium®2 processor is a good solution for the most demanding applications.

Such applications were developed within the HYADES project, including one by CEA LIST, the Technology and Systems Integration Laboratory of the well-known French research organism CEA. CEA LIST researchers built a system for remote high-precision control of a robotic arm. The system, that includes a force-feedback device, has potential applications in surgery and telerobotic interventions in hazardous areas. The highly complex physical model used by the device requires intensive computing, all in real-time. Mandrakelinux used on a cluster of Itanium®2 based systems enables just that.

"Research is just one of the many things you could do with Mandrakelinux for Intel Itanium®2 processor. We have the skills to help businesses adapt our product to many different applications. Some examples that come to mind are SQL load-balancing, scientific computing, data-mining, etc. Our consulting team is here to help customers use Mandrakelinux for Intel Itanium®2 processor for their needs. They have the experience, the know-how, and a great product to build upon.", explains François Bancilhon, Mandrakesoft CEO.

Mandrakesoft's relationship with Intel proved essential in bringing about Mandrakelinux for the Intel Itanium®2 processor. Mandrakesoft's engineers interacted with Intel's SSG (Software and Solutions Group) to produce a high-quality product.

"Whether it is managing ever-increasing amounts of enterprise data or completing more complex simulations for research, as organisations high performance computing requirements continue to increase more advanced technology solutions and processing power are required," said Tom Garrison, head of enterprise marketing, Intel EMEA. "We are delighted that in Mandrakelinux for Intel Itanium®2 processor we are able to deliver organisations with the first Linux system capable of real-time computing in parallel environments and that it is already being used to further research efforts. Running Mandrakesoft on Itanium 2 based platforms now delivers organisations with the performance and reliability to power demanding enterprise and scientific applications."

Mandrakelinux for Intel Itanium®2 processor is sold by Mandrakesoft as a part of a customization service - Mandrakesoft's professional services team adapts the product to specific applications and environments:

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The CEA LIST, Technology and Systems Integration Laboratory, based near Paris (Saclay and Fontenay-aux-Roses), is a key lab in software intensive systems working in three areas with vital societal and economic implications : embedded systems, interactive systems and sensors and signal processing. The CEA LIST performs research work in partnership with the major industrial players, contributes to the transfer of technology and encourages innovation, through emergence of start-ups.

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