Wine 1.0 Release Criteria updated
Posted on: 03/17/2008 05:45 PM

Wine Review posted an update on the Wine 1.0 Release Criteria

On March 15th Dan Kegel sent a email to the wine-devel mailing list with a outline of the new release schedule for Wine 1.0 here is a quote of his original message.

I've updated
to be a bit more final.

I've also written a draft release plan; see


Alexandre Julliard replied with his thoughts on the first draft with some suggestions.

We need a code freeze and stabilization period before the release. My thinking is that we should have a 1.0rc1 release, probably sometime in May, and from that point on only accept small obvious fixes. Then we'd have rc2, rc3, etc. as needed until the bug list gets small enough. And by rc1 (or even earlier) any bug that requires more than a small simple patch would be deferred to 1.1.0.

Wine 1.0 Release Criteria updated

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