What to Expect from Unity in Ubuntu 13.10
Posted on: 05/17/2013 03:15 PM

It may be 5 months away from release but we already know most of the new features planned for Unity in Ubuntu 13.10

What to Expect from Unity in Ubuntu 13.10

From OMG! Ubuntu:
While this work will eventually make its way to the desktop in the form of Unity 8, it won’t be finished in time to make this release. So the current version of Ubuntu’s desktop – Unity 7 – will serve as the basis for the next release, albeit with some extra polish, a few new features, and plenty of bug-fixes.

Features planned for Unity in Saucy include:

Smart Scopes Service/100 Scopes
In-Dash Payments
New ‘Unity Indicators’
Newer Compiz with performance improvements

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