WengoPhone 2.1.0 released
Posted on: 05/16/2007 03:41 PM

WengoPhone 2.1.0 has been released:

After a short 6 month release cycle, the next major upgrade to the WengoPhone is now available. This version is a vast improvement over the previous version in a number of areas:

* Interoperability

Support has been added to allow the easy configuration of a SIP account for platforms other than the Wengo platform. This long requested feature means that the user has total choice over the telephony platform they want to use, including their own provate SER, OpenSER or Asterisk server. In addition, considerable effort has gone into improving the interoperability of the WengoPhone with other SIP clients.

* Security

If your platform supports it, you can make secure PC to PC calls over sRTP with the WengoPhone, using the standard AES128 encryption algorithm. You can be sure that no-one is eavesdropping on your conversations if you see a little padlock in your call window.

* Usability

The entire interface has been the subject of a usability study. Hundreds of small touches make it a little nicer to use the WengoPhone. Tooltips have been added to all buttons, all buttons give visual feedback that they can be pressed. The interface is accessible using only the keyboard. Chat logs are saved, and you can see your recent discussions with someone when you start a new one.

* Languages

Thanks to the translation community at Launchpad, and OpenWengo's translation team, this release is 100% translated in 13 languages - English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, German, Portugese, Brazilian Portugese, Swedish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Czech and Polish. If your language isn't there, then head on over to Launchpad and get started - it'll be in 2.1.1.

* Mac and Linux support

Mac and Linux are truly first class citizens in the project now. In the 2.0 release, we concentrated on features, and on stability on Windows. In this release, improvements in thread handling, the implementation of a pure ALSA back-end for Linux, and weeks focussed on stability on Linux have resulted in a truly cross-platform softphone. All that work has also contributed to making the WengoPhone rock solid on Windows.

You can get binaries at http://www.openwengo.org, and sources (and more information on how to contribute to the project) are available at our developer site at http://dev.openwengo.org.

Contributed binary packages for unofficial platforms are welcome! Drop me a line, and we'll get a link to your packages added to dev.openwengo.org as soon as possible.


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