Webmin 1.080
Posted on: 04/07/2003 01:22 AM

Webmin 1.080 has been released


- Added the new ADSL Client module for configuring RP-PPPoE. Thanks to Joe Cooper for sponsoring its development
- Added the new Upload and Download module for uploading multiple files to a directory, or downloading multiple URLs immediately or in the background
- Included improved Chinese translation updates, contributed by Stephanie Li of ThizLinux
- Added support for Redhat 9, SuSE 8.2, FreeBSD 4.8 and Slackware 9.0
- Improved the Network Configuration module to support Redhat-style per-interface gateway specifications, and to allow the applying of the current configuration
- Added support for external ACL types in the Squid module
- Added an option on the Webmin Modules page for easily selecting and installing a standard module from www.webmin.com. This is most useful if you have installed the new minimal version of Webmin, which comes with only a few modules
- All modules that can download URLs (such as Software Packages and Perl Modules) now support https:// URLs

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