vte-0.11.20 released
Posted on: 02/27/2006 02:23 PM

Vte-0.11.20 is available for download

vte-0.11.19 was skipped because of a sudden release following. Vte is the GNOME 2's virtual terminal emulator widget.

Overview of changes:

0.11.20 - Revert patch introduced in 0.11.16 that was corrupting the Xft font cache. (bug #309322)

0.11.19 - Revert Shift+Insert to paste PRIMARY. Use Ctrl+Shirt+Insert to paste CLIPBOARD (bug #123844)
- Improvements to the update throttling handler.
- gnome-pty-helper minor race condition fix.
- Use getpwnam to correctly log multiple users with the same UID (bug #319564, Laszlo Peter)
- A couple minor build fixes.

vte-0.11.20 released

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