VHCS - Virtual Hosting Control System 2.2
Posted on: 12/13/2004 10:21 AM

moleSoftware has released Virtual Hosting Control System 2.2 now as open source under the MPL license

VHCS is a Professional Control Panel Software for shared, reseller, virtual and dedicated server management. VHCS was designed for professional Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) and IT-Professionals.

VHCS version 2 has been completely re-written since the first version. Version 2 focuses on a professional-quality modular design, high security, multiple-language interface and complete server sites flexibility and layout customisation, all with a low execution overhead.

What is new in 2.2:

* better usability
* suspend and unsuspend users
* search engines and scroller for better user management
* vhcs debugger - error messaging system for vhcs administartors
* vhcs updates - check if new VHCS updates are available
* Log2Mail - send all system logs to the admin email (optional)
* FTP Account to other dir - choose dir form direcotry tree
* Source code optimizing for better performance
* Sereval bug fixes
* Script to get all new language pack changes
* New german language pack


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