Version 3.00 of HLA Adventure for Linux now available
Posted on: 05/30/2005 07:36 AM

A new version of HLA Adventure has just been released for Linux/Red Hat. The version number is 3.00. Changes in version 3.00 include:

Small bug fixes, 25 new rooms added, 4 new items added, 6 new monsters added and a couple of new side quests added.

The homepage for HLA Adventure is located at:

HLA Adventure was coded in Randall Hyde's HLA (High Level Assembly) programming language.

The game features 249 rooms, 25+ items, 9 quests (including side quests) and over 35 monsters. It is essentially a smaller, friendly version of my much larger text adventure "Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder" (which features over 1,728 rooms, 50 quests, 200+ items/monsters and 4 continents).

If anyone would like to include HLA Adventure as part of their Linux Distro please let me know. It runs under "xterm" or various other consoles and is Public Domain and Open Source.

Please email program enhancements, game ideas and other suggestions to me at:

HLA Adventure has been tested on Fedora Core 2 3, SuSe, PCLinuxOS 8.1a, Ubuntu 5.04 and muLinux. There is also a version available for Windows.

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