USBSink 0.3.1
Posted on: 02/16/2007 07:26 PM

USBSink 0.3.1 is available from:

What it is

USBSink is a GNOME program for automatic file synchronization over USB. It is designed for users of removable drives, such as flash drives or external hard disks. In USBSink you define a task associated to a particular USB drive, and then have a complete automation of data transfers. With file monitoring and hardware detection features, the program is able to respond and act according to relevant events on the desktop.


This follow-up to the major 0.3.0 release features some small but important changes:


* Don't use only the drives which have been classified by HAL as removable drives, but any drive on USB. Bug #1656878.

* Loop over all volumes on a drive. Also bug #1656878.


In the Available flash drives dialog:

* Removed the unnecessary file counting on a volume.
Again bug #1656878. Thanks to motoplex.

* Display free space and total size correctly cast.


* Added Swedish translation, by Daniel Nylander.

Build scripts:

* Don't use ALL_LINGUAS in the configure script.

* Use Automake 1.9.


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