USBSink 0.3.0, out now
Posted on: 02/12/2007 12:53 AM

USBSink is a GNOME program for automatic file synchronization over USB. It is designed for users of removable drives, such as flash drives or external hard disks. In USBSink you define a task associated to a particular USB drive, and then have a complete automation of data trasfers. With file monitoring and hardware detection features, USBSink is able to respond and act according to relevant events on the desktop.


* Filter the files being transferred with black and white lists, defined with regular expression entries, or other lists. Created a simple editor for file lists, where it's possible to make regular expression matching tests. This replaces old "ignore lists". Each task now has an associated "file list", saved in ~/.config/usbsink/file_lists/. You can reuse your ignore lists by copying their entries to a file list. Also this means that the task file format has changed, that is it no longer containes these entries itself.

* Transfer files asynchronously, meaning the UI will always be responsive, and correctly showing the notifications.

* Log only transfer initiation and end. This also saves the CPU, because previously each data chunk would be logged, which is very expensive.

* Fixed the bug regarding a directory being a source file on an unmounted drive. When the drive would get mounted the task would not be aware of the directory's contents.

* Drew an icon and wrote a .desktop entry, so that the program appears in the Applications menu.

* Added i18n support, and Serbian translation. Translations are now possible.

* Wrote application manual.

* Also, make sure you check out the new ice-cool web site design at


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